Mission Room for infrastructure bannner


Mission Room offers financial and safety benefits across multiple stages of your project.
The examples below while intended to be illustrative are based on real case studies.


Share the same picture and understand project risks
  • Filming, mapping and display system hire: £8,500.
  • Savings of £12,000 on logistics costs over 6 weeks.
  • Increased accuracy and competitiveness of tender £150,000.
A major UK construction company engaged us to capture 200 miles of highway prior to a bid. Our solution reduced their need to send teams to the site and improved their understanding of the project. This allowed the company to produce a more competitive tender while reducing risk pricing.


Avoid the costs and dangers of site visits
  • Filming, mapping and display system purchase: £60,000.
  • Savings of £95,000 from reduced number of physical surveys.
  • Savings of £120,000 from greater productivity and safety while on track.
  • Reduced risks of track-side surveys.
We filmed and mapped over 100 miles of track to allow a rail contractor to carry out surveys across the whole site prior to going line-side. This reduced the needs for physical surveys and made the ones carried out more focused and productive through better preparation. Subsequently re-filmed the site during upgrades to keep the project team informed of real progress.


See designs clearly and minimise costly mistakes
  • Immersive capture and processing: £5500.
  • Contributed to on-time delivery.
  • Contributed to zero over-run penalties.
Mission Room contributed to the highly successful operational planning on a major rail upgrade project. As usual there were extremely tight time pressures and risks of highly expensive over-runs on the Christmas blockade. The planning team were able to map out equipment access and other logistical issues, visualising the work site alongside other data in 360 degrees.


Preview your site in action and improve preparation
  • Production of immersive induction package £3,000, System rental £1,200 per month.
  • Reduced induction time by 50%; Saving over 1200 hours of induction time, £24,000.
  • Better retention – The client found 100% of users asked felt safer going on site.
A joint venture between 2 contractors used Mission Room on a major highways project. Our system educated workers about worksite risks and hazards without the need to conduct real site walkouts. The client was highly commended for their use of our innovative safety technology by Highways England.


Quicker, clearer and more engaging
  • Production of immersive training content: £7,500.
  • Practical solution to getting senior managers out to real sites; 80 days of site visits replaced, £60,000.
  • Improved understanding and communication between teams.
A major infrastructure company found that many senior executives lacked recent experience of real work sites. Using a combination of role playing and immersive scenarios, the facilitators were able to simulate the experience of visiting real sites and dealing with real people.


Capture progress and identify problems
  • Regular route filming over 2 years: £140,000 and system supply £39,000.
  • Visited exact locations and compared works without the logistical costs and dangers.
  • Permanent record of project progress – dilapidation surveys and dispute resolution.
  • Planning and operational improvements: Estimated £900,000 over 2 years.
A major contractor used Mission Room 360 degree imagery to monitor the performance of a sub-contractor. They carried out this quality assurance function by comparing geo-referenced panoramic imagery, captured on a weekly basis without going out on site.