Carillion using 3 Open systems together with route-footage to improve operational planning on the major Crossrail project.

Getting access to track is often difficult

Carillion operate 3 depots on the OOCPA section of Crossrail West from Paddington to Heathrow. This extremely busy section of track is being heavily upgraded and track access opportunities are severely restricted. Planning meetings had conventionally been carried out using standard line diagrams and limited visual information meaning there was significant potential for mis-understanding amongst the team.

Mission Room Explorer reduced the risks associated with site visits

Using Mission Room Explorer, the Crossrail team were able to access their track from their office. This meant they could carry out more surveys and planning without needing to physically visit the site. The ability to make these virtual site visits saved time, money and reduced the risks associated with going on site.

Mission Room has carried out 4 sets of route capture to enable the office based model to be updated after each major upgrade of the track. The content was also successfully used by the project partners Tata Steel who were based in York (over 200 miles away) to save significant amounts on survey planning.

Carillion Crossrail Operations - "In two hours Mission Room saved us six months of planning and arranging access to site."
John Byrne - Operations Manager, Carillion Crossrail

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Project Overview

Crossrail is the biggest construction project in Europe and is one of the largest single infrastructure investments undertaken in the UK. The 118-kilometre project will connect various stations within Greater London, due to open in December 2018.