Cheddar Gorge is an area of outstanding natural beauty set amidst the Somerset levels boasting amazing views and a huge variety of wildlife.

Bus tour was costly and limited access

Previously, visitors could experience the beauty of the gorge and its history via a bus tour, but over the years this had become less viable and the client was looking for ways to increase access to the site and upgrade the experience.

We improved access to the gorge's hidden gems while reducing running costs

We produced an panoramic experience that gives visitors a new perspective beyond the road and footpaths, up and out across the amazing landscape and ecosystem.

The widescreen video and display system also takes visitors on a journey through history explaining the origins and development of the attraction.

Mission Room helps make the gorge accessible to everyone, showing off its hidden gems while reducing running costs for the client.

Beyond the View opened to the public in August 2017

“Beyond the View was a charming ten-minute film showing the wildlife in and around the Gorge and a lovely comparison of then and now photographs, as well as the history of various local landmarks. I would recommend seeing this first as it brought a lot of new knowledge, and although we shall have to return in order to do the clifftop walk this has given us a good idea of things to look out for.”

Trip Advisor – 27th Aug 17

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