Mission Room supply immersive capture and display technology to enable CITB to set up a virtual training facility.

Giving stakeholders the bigger picture

CITB wanted to run training workshops where various stakeholders could experience the real hazards presented to people when on-site. Ideally they want to take people onto real sites but the logistics involved and variable experiences gained when on site mean quality control is difficult.

Evolving training facility with immersive technology

Using our Arena display CITB created ‘VET360’, an immersive way to carry out risk assessment, health & safety and behavioural training to the construction industry. This provided workers with a greater understanding of real site hazards without being exposed to any risk.

Mission Room also supplied our immersive video capture system and supplied training to CITB to enable them to produce their own immersive media. This gives them complete and independent control of the content production process.

Mission Room has improved CITB’s training capabilities, helping them to get key messages across.

For more information visit: https://www.citbni.org.uk/Training/VET360.aspx

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Project Overview

CITB's 'VET360' project aimed to bring work locations into the office to create an engaging and more efficient method of safety training. Using Mission Room technology, it provides risk assessment training, briefings/inductions, process management, behavioural training and BIM visualisation to various stakeholders in the construction industry.