Making the railway come alive for potential recruits

School pupils lack understanding of rail industry as a potential career path

Due to the stigma attached to rail jobs and the view that rail is not the most cutting edge of the engineering sector, it’s challenging to encourage the brightest minds to join the rail industry as a career. Gen Y Rail wanted to challenge and rid the stigma attached to the railway industry.

Bringing the railway industry into the careers events

In conjunction with UK Rail Industry Training Trust (UKRITT), Mission Room part sponsored a number of Gen Y Rail events during 2014 by providing free access to our technology. As part of each event, school children were given access to a wide range of real track scenarios by standing inside our immersive Arena display systems. By providing instant access to a wide range of real situations and associating rail with high technology immersive technology, a significant number of potential recruits were given an extremely positive and high technological view of the rail industry.


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Project Overview

Gen Y Rail delivers educational and engagement events to 11 – 19 year olds across the country promoting the wide a diverse range of exciting career opportunities available in the UK Rail Industry. Underpinned by STEM and the British Science Associations CREST Discovery Award, students get a chance to take part in hands-on engineering activities and hear more about the training, qualifications and apprenticeships available.