Increasing understanding of hazardous work sites and processes

Office-bound staff fail to understand the hazardous on site conditions

Network Rail are involved in major upgrades to track infrastructure and regular maintenance of existing routes. These tasks involve sending 25,000 people out into transient work sites every year. Office staff involved in supporting these activities often have little understanding of the conditions that these track workers have to face. As a consequence they may not be providing the optimum equipment and work conditions to make sure the jobs are done safely and effectively.

Mission Room brings the reality of work sites into the office

As part of the annual training for Group Business Services staff within Network Rail, Mission Room was commissioned to produce an experiential activity where over 1000 staff were able to effectively visit hazardous real operations in complete safety. These included remote night time working, travelling to site and daytime working. Specialist filming and editing of the content was carried out by Mission Room and we also supplied rental displays to fit in with multiple training events in Milton Keynes, York and Manchester. The events were recognized as being highly successful in broadening understanding of co-worker issues.


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Project Overview

Group Business Services provide Network Rail with the support services to let them deliver track upgrade and maintenance, including IT, payroll and broader financial services. The unit is responsible for the administrative support of £6 billion of spending on the rail infrastructure.