Mission Room continue to support Carillion Rail and Network Rail by supplying 4 display systems and route footage to increase understanding of assets on this major project.

Site visits required to inspect route assets

The Carillion team at NWEP need access to track in order to inspect the condition and location of various route assets. This often presents problems as access to track is difficult. Track walkouts are both hazardous and costly and when staff do get access to track, they have limited time to collect all the relevant information.

Time saved by travelling virtually to view assets

Using Mission Room Explorer, the team were able to bring their track into their office. This enabled them to travel to all of the assets on their route virtually and carry out relevant inspections. They could then mark up site images and send information to their online collaborative workspace.

After installing Misison Room Explorer, the team at NWEP have spend less time and money on site visits. They also gained from a clearer understanding of their site by having the track footage completely accessible at all times within a number of project offices.

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Project Overview

The £1bn project by Network Rail aims to electrify over 300km of routes in the North-West, providing better connectivity, faster journey times and improved capacity on routes. The upgrades will enable over 3.5 million extra passenger journeys a year and contribute economic benefits worth more than £4bn to the region. The NWEP project is scheduled to be completed in 2019.