Engaging an industry workforce to increase professional qualifications

The Quarrying workforce needs motivating to increase the professional standards

The Quarrying industry has traditionally been slow to adopt professional standards in some levels of the workforce. PRIME has been introduced by The IoQ and MPA as a CPD scheme to enable all grades of staff to formally record and manage training. As part of the introduction of the scheme it was recognised that there was a lack of awareness amongst the workforce.

Mission Room engages with the workforce

Mission Room was specifically commissioned by Lafarge Tarmac to produce a highly immersive video to explain the benefits of becoming involved in PRIME. The short video was used to engage significant numbers of the quarrying workforce at key events using the Tarmac Pod (Arena) system. In particular the content was used at the major Hillhead Exhibition where large numbers of quarrying personnel attended.


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Project Overview

PRIME (Professional Recognition In Mineral Extraction) is an initiative of the Institute of Quarrying, providing employees at all levels with ongoing training and professional development. The PRIME programme, which includes 35 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training a year, is designed to recognise the contribution made by quarry employees who deliver specific technical services at all levels within the industry, including shotfirers, blast designers, mechanical fitters and weighbridge staff.