Enhancing understanding of a core project for the Northern Powerhouse

Reducing track access and improving site understanding

Prior to the pause in the TPE project in 2015 the project required initial scoping studies of the Trans-Pennine route, from Manchester to hull. This 100 mile route was very unfamiliar to large amounts of staff working on the project and in the early stages of projects like this they require numerous site visits to build up understanding for design proposals.

Route and Access Point capture enhances site awareness

The route from Manchester to Hull was filmed a number of times using the train capture methods pioneered by Mission Room, this was complemented by access point filming of key locations. Following the filming a combined site model was installed on an Arena System in the Leeds depot and was made available for Network Rail staff in York.

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Project Overview

The revised project to electrify the north Trans-Pennine line between Manchester, Huddersfield, Leeds and York is to be significantly bigger and with greater reach than the original scheme. By 2022 the journey time between Manchester and York will be cut by 15 minutes with increased frequency and greater capacity.