Mission Room has embarked on several projects with the University of Nottingham, the most recent gives prospective students the opportunity to take a virtual City Tour of Nottingham whilst attending a busy open day on University campus.

Mission Room Arena University of Nottingham open day
Nottingham University Ucas
University of Nottingham Ucas

Students unable to visit Nottingham City Centre

Student recruitment services have found that during recruitment open days prospective students visiting the University often don’t have time for a tour around the city of Nottingham. In order for all students to have an opportunity to see the city we have created an engaging and immersive 360 degree video which brought the city to the students.

Virtual City Tour

During the University open days thousands of students were able to visit not only the University campus but also see the delights Nottingham has to offer in an upbeat informative City tour video. Prospective students along with their friends and families were transported from the Mission Room Arena into the vibrant City, proving an excellent marketing tool for the University and valuable experience for the students.

The 360 degree video will be taken around the country to all the 2018 UCAS recruitments events and will be shown in conjunction with the previous project a 360 degree video of a day in the life of a student.

A web version has also been created for prospective overseas students and those unable to attend open days or UCAS events.

‘I’ve worked with Mission Room on a number of projects and have been very pleased with the service provided. The team are responsive, friendly and helpful and understand our requirements well. They were accommodating and flexible throughout the production and post-production process and delivered high quality end results.’

Laura Bray Student Recruitment Projects Manager, University of Nottingham.

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Project Overview

The University of Nottingham is one of the major UK Universities. Open days are an integral part in recruiting students allowing prospective students with their families and friends to make a decision on where to study. As well as the University facilities, courses and campuses the City itself is also influential on their final decision.