Mission Room have been supporting Birmingham University's marketing activities since September 2015 allowing prospective students to 'virtually' visit the city centre.

Negative perception of the city

The University found that the main setback for prospective students choosing the University of Birmingham was their negative perception of the city.

It was particularly difficult for the University to challenge these perceptions throughout their open days as students would generally only visit the campus and not the city.

Changed perceptions, clearer marketing messages

Mission Room teamed up with the University to create a 360° experience that transported students into the heart of the city. The two-minute video allowed them to explore some of Birmingham city’s scenic areas and hidden gems without having to step foot outside the campus.

Mission Room enabled the University to successfully challenge negative perceptions of Birmingham city whilst simultaneously giving their prospective students the opportunity to see more of university life than they otherwise would. The University of Birmingham is now using Mission Room for all of its future open days.

University of Birmingham Marketing - "The film was really impactful and inspired families... which is absolutely what we were trying to achieve"
Sue Atkinson - Marketing & Communications, the University of Birmingham

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Project Overview

The University of Birmingham is a major UK university with more than 28,000 registered students. Student recruitment is an on-going activity which involves competing with other top universities. Open days form an integral part of recruitment, allowing prospective candidates and their parents to visit the impressive campus facilities. Time constraints often limit the opportunities to travel into the city and this is where Mission Room has helped.