Covid Guidance

It is always important that clients carry out their own individual risk assessments about how to use Mission Room displays safely.

In line with current Government Guidelines relating to Covid-19 we suggest the following precautions are considered:

  • Reducing the number of simultaneous users to enable social distancing to take place. The exact number will depend on your system type, size and installation configuration. 
  • Shortening group sessions 
  • For our Cine and Open systems, it may be possible to consider installing Perspex screening to separate individuals using the system at the same time.
  • Use of appropriate face masks to reduce the risk of transmission. 
  • Regular hand washing or use of hand sanitiser. 
  • Regular cleaning of equipment using appropriate products. This applies particularly to any items handled by more than one individual such as control tablets, door handles or touchscreen pens. 
  • For touchscreen users, consider providing individuals with their own pen. 
  • Record keeping of participants and use schedules to assist in any track and trace operations. 

As Government Guidelines are subject to change at short notice, the above list may not cover all possible actions. Hence it will be important to regularly review your risk assessments and apply the latest guidance.