An experience that stays with you

Communicate complex or subtle messages with stakeholders in a novel and yet natural way; placing your audience at the centre of your story. Visual immersion reduces reliance on the written word and associated language misinterpretation and explains concepts quickly and easily.
Instantly grab hold of attention by the shear novelty of our delivery systems and increase message retention by the memorable nature of the experience. Do all of this and save time as well.


Public Consultation
Use the power of our big immersive displays to explain projects to non-technical people in a simple but highly effective manner. Explain your proposals to members of the public in meetings or at key events and use the novel experience to maximise feedback.

Investor Relations
Large projects are often complex to explain to potential investors. Use the power of Mission Presenter to explain key project concepts, stand investors inside BIM models and instantly visit immersive tours of your key project portfolio. Keep them informed of progress.

Workforce Engagement
Large workforces are often slow to adapt to change. Use the ‘wow’ factor of large, immersive, Mission Room displays together with engaging immersive content to change the way your workforce thinks and acts. Safety campaigns, organisational change or site relocations all benefit.


  • Risk free exposure to real world situations
  • Understand complex 360 degree interactions
  • Reduced logistical costs through fewer site visits
  • Quicker learning through greater focus
  • Experience many scenarios in a short time
  • Compressed learning periods through higher engagement
  • Removes blinkers set by standard visualisation systems
  • Visual immersion explains things more effectively

Case Studies

Nottingham University University of Nottingham - Ensuring students see the whole of the University of Nottingham
Big Bang fair - Enabling hundreds of young future potential recruits to understand rail career opportunities.
Mission Room interior showing lake - Lafarge Tarmac Eco Build Lafarge/Tarmac EcoBuild Exhibition - Mission Room produced an immersive video experience of some of Lafarge's impressive operations
Mission Room Arena system for Network Rail at Generation Rail Event Gen Y Rail - Allowing 300 potential recruits to access real rail sites in complete safety.
Network Rail Close Call engagement training for key contractors in new safety processes Close Call - Novel exposure to real near misses used to publicise the impact of the new close call reporting procedure.
Tarmac prime panoramic vid PRIME (Professional Recognition in Mineral Extraction) - Successfully engaging with the quarrying workforce to raise standards.
TNT distribution warehouse Lorry TNT safety competition - An innovative way to engage with staff that demonstrated a company commitment to continual safety improvement.
Balfour Beatty Operator Visibility and plant awareness in construction Operator visibility - Increasing awareness of what plant drivers cannot see.
Vinci Nottingham Tram network project Public access to Nottingham Tram development - Immersive engagement kept project stakeholders up-to-date in a simple but powerful way.
Safety Stand down events with Carillion, Balfour Beatty and Skanska Interesting safety stand-downs - Adding innovation to the safety stand downs ensured safety was maintained at the front of people’s minds.

Product Options

Mission Presenter - When feeling like you are there makes the difference
Panoramic Video Camera - capture 360 degree video in super high definition
Media Production Thumb Media Production Service - Our talented media team will work closley with you to script, manage and deliver the perfect production.
Display Systems
Hybrid Display System design with Road Content Hybrid Display - The Theatre display system offers an wide-screen cinema experience for larger audiences. Ideal for training and Induction.
4 Screen Open Display System Open Display - Super wide screen flat screen displays perfect for larger teams
Mission Room Arena design with Rail Content Waterloo Station Arena Display - 3 meter immersive media room for small teams