We have various methods of 360° capture, from car mounted cameras to backpack or drone mounted cameras. Our media team can work with you to script and capture the content you need or we can support you with the training necessary to enable you to capture the footage yourselves on an ongoing basis. 


We offer a variety of services in which we export and manipulate the 360° content collected to enable you to easily navigate and use the footage.


We offer a wide range of options to display your content allowing you to select the one that best fits your project and needs. 



Decrease risk and increase tender conversion using 360° immersive multi-screen displays or digital rehearsal rooms to deliver detailed project information.


Use immersive content to deliver more effective inductions. Heightened visualisation and touch screen elements increase engagement. 


360° footage enables the remote completion of surveys, the ability to share the information between teams and plan works without having the expense of risk of physically going on site. 


Immersive 360° footage with bespoke content enables you to provide a unique virtual and risk free exposure to a range of real world situations.


Our variety of capture methods enable you to bring any part of the railway or specific assets in to the office, then use Mission Explorer to create and share work packs across all areas of the business.


The 360° capture of the entire line allows clients to review sites, equipment and projects remotely in greater detail. 

Recent Projects


Morgan Sindall and Carillion installed Mission Room systems at the A6 MARR Project to enhance workforce safety and increase site understanding on this complex project.

BMJV M1 J18/39

Following the successful trial of Mission Room at the bmJV project M1 J18, the same consortium have purchased Mission Room technology for the final phase of their Smart Motorway project at J39 of the M1

M62 Project

Following the successful completion of the M1-A5 Link Project, where Mission Room was used to assist with site induction, in 2019 a Hybrid System was re-instated on the M6 J13-J15 Smart Motorways Project for Kier Highways, working on behalf of Highways England.