Clearly see what is happening in your project

Monitoring is all about keeping your eye on progress to make sure plans are being achieved. Understand issues in full by seeing up-to-date panoramic information from your site. Do this during task activities to enable wider and remote expertise to fix problems as they occur or capture the end state of your task to prove the job has been done properly. By giving people a bigger, clearer, quicker picture of the state of your operations you will save time and money.


Task Monitoring
Use our 360 degree stills capture system to capture key stages of your site work activities. Use this to form a record for review later or, if communications allow, send this back to the office to let key staff see and deal with issues. Whatever the use it is the bigger picture that adds value.

Shift Handover
On complex, hazardous sites it is important to prepare your staff before they take control at shift handover. On time-critical and difficult sites with multiple teams working end-to-end on jobs it is essential that staff understand the actual site status as opposed to the expected status based on office briefings in advance.

Construction Review
Once the job is complete, quickly capture the end status of the site to take back into the office. Let your construction manager check quality and drive up quality by ensuring the build is done properly. Reduce disputes by making sure site status is recorded thoroughly.


  • Reducing unnecessary staff exposure to real site hazards
  • Better understanding of real site hazards
  • Nip problems in the bud
  • Reduced litigation costs through clearer project handover
  • Navigate large and complex sites quickly.
  • Instantly bring problems to the attention of experts
  • Improved understanding of your site
  • See things you didn’t see when on the real site

Case studies

Atkins Network Rail IP Southern Signalling Project East Kent Re-signalling phase 2 - BIM Design and ‘real life’ train footage enables better collaboration between design and implementation

Product Options

Mission Explorer - When visiting sites is difficult, costly or dangerous
Mission Surveyor - Powerful mobile app that allows you to capture your site for import into Mission Explorer
Mission Room Ricoh Theta 360 camera for Walk Out App Panoramic Stills Cameras - Easy site capture with a range of panoramic still cameras
Panoramic Video Camera - capture 360 degree video in super high definition
Media Production Thumb Media Production Service - Our talented media team will work closley with you to script, manage and deliver the perfect production.
Display Systems
Hybrid Display System design with Road Content Hybrid Display - The Theatre display system offers an wide-screen cinema experience for larger audiences. Ideal for training and Induction.
4 Screen Open Display System Open Display - Super wide screen flat screen displays perfect for larger teams
Mission Room Desktop design Desktop Display - The Desktop Display is built for an individual user or small team of people and is perfect as an content creation platform.
Mission Room Portable System design Portable Display - See more of your immersive content in a portable compact package.