Improve your preparation by seeing complex data in context

Preparation is everything. Mission Room allows you to plan your operations in much greater detail than conventional methods. Greater understanding of the spatial layout of the site, the hazards that exist and the location of the activity is possible. Quickly study the potential interaction between site, workforce and equipment and clearly mark-up the key issues that the team need to be aware of. Discuss alternatives from a more informed position and once your plan is formed then use the system to brief the workforce. Faster planning with fewer mistakes.


Site Visualisation
Our flexible capture methods mean that it is easy to bring your sites into the office. Mission Explorer provides all the tools to view and navigate through 360 degree, geo-tagged and time stamped, panoramic images. Instantly visit key locations and see the real issues.

Planning Activities
Improved understanding of the work site and the ability to navigate easily through extensive and remote sites enables improved planning of operations. Identify access points and logistics of getting equipment on and off site and experiment with plan dynamics to home in on the best practical plan.

Workforce Briefings
Complex plans need clear communication with the workforce. Conventional plans and diagrams often fail to fully explain what is required of the team. Mission Explorer quickly produces immersive views of plan activities that can be delivered using our large displays in the office or taken on site as PDF files for viewing on almost all mobile devices.


  • Understand complex 360° interactions
  • Better understanding of real site hazards
  • Reduced overrun and mistake costs
  • Better preparation means leaner operations
  • Navigate large and complex sites quickly.
  • Try more alternatives in the same amount of time
  • Better briefings
  • Improved understanding of site issues

Case Studies

Rail worker pushing trolley with panoramic camera Morgan Sindall – Eastfield Depot Sidings - Improving operational planning and safety.
Hybrid display system in use - thumbnail Group Directors see the benefits of innovative visualisation - Directors recognise the improvements 360 degree technology can make to their operations
Tarmac A14 Road Construction Project Ensuring the safety of workers on the A14 improvement scheme - A major highways project to benefit from Mission Room technology
Trans Pennine Electrification Project with Network Rail in York Trans-Pennine Electrification (TPE) - Providing better site understanding of an extensive and hazardous major project site.
Bermondsey Dive-Under - Understanding complex project phasing using BIM model renders.
Network Rail and Balfour Beatty Rail site induction and track access training in North London Finsbury Park to Alexandra Palace (F2A) - Real benefits in reducing hazardous track access and improved planning and briefings for the workforce.
East Coast Main Line (ECML) – Power Supply Upgrade Project (PSU) - Reducing the need for track access on a major rail infrastructure project.
A6 road development project with Carillion and Morgan Sindall A6 Manchester Airport Relief Road Scheme (MARR) - Increasing understanding of a complex, multi-partner highways project.

Product Options

Mission Explorer - When visiting sites is difficult, costly or dangerous
Mission Surveyor - Powerful mobile app that allows you to capture your site for import into Mission Explorer
Mission Presenter - When feeling like you are there makes the difference
Mission Cam for Rail Filming Square Route Filming - 360° route capture service including vehicle, rail, backpack and drone mounted cameras.
Mission Room Ricoh Theta 360 camera for Walk Out App Panoramic Stills Cameras - Easy site capture with a range of panoramic still cameras
Display Systems
Hybrid Display System design with Road Content Hybrid Display - The Theatre display system offers an wide-screen cinema experience for larger audiences. Ideal for training and Induction.
4 Screen Open Display System Open Display - Super wide screen flat screen displays perfect for larger teams
Mission Room Desktop design Desktop Display - The Desktop Display is built for an individual user or small team of people and is perfect as an content creation platform.
Mission Room Portable System design Portable Display - See more of your immersive content in a portable compact package.