Panoramic Video Camera

Panoramic Video Camera
Easy to use
When you want really high definition panoramic video, most consumer 360 capture systems are just not good enough. Often designed for web delivery they lack the resolution required to maximise the quality of experience through our range of large scale immersive displays.
Easy to integrate
Based on the hugely flexible GoPro range of action cameras, we have developed a fully integrated system for capturing and processing high definition immersive video that has been fully site tested and refined over the last 5 years.
Future proof
Now on Version 4, our Mission Cam system allows you to capture video and stills in 360 degrees, at resolutions of up to 7680 x 1080 and usable framerates of 60fps. The compact and easy to use system allows you to capture your site or operations with simple one-button operation possible. Mission Cam also integrates with Mission Edit content production software allowing you to download, edit, process and backup your imagery.

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