Continuous improvement through deeper insight

Deeper, clearer understanding of the relationship between site, equipment and people in complex projects is at the heart of lean operations. Use the power of our 360 degree still and video capture techniques together with our core Mission Explorer and Presenter software to get a better picture of what has happened on your site. Compare to planned status via our BIM visualisation capability or link to project planning documents to get a better picture of what is good and bad.


Lean Review
Capture work procedures as they happen by filming in 360 degree video. Let the work teams review their processes to identify issues about safety and efficiency and let independent reviewers stand inside the work activities to see good and bad practice.

Design Review
Complex projects involve continuous review of design options and modifications that impact on construction. Multiple parties, including clients, designers and constructors can use Mission Room to hold virtual site meetings of current real and future design stages.

Project Review
Step back in time and review project stages in the round, understanding the relationship between activities, events and outcomes. Identify points in time related to specific project layouts and activities to identify opportunities to improve.


  • Reducing unnecessary staff exposure to real site hazards
  • Understand complex 360 degree interactions
  • Reduced logistical costs through fewer site visits
  • Quicker learning through greater focus
  • Navigate large and complex sites quickly.
  • Faster design cycle through better communication
  • Improved understanding of your site
  • See things you didn’t see when on the real site

Case Studies

A6 road development project with Carillion and Morgan Sindall A6 Manchester Airport Relief Road Scheme (MARR) - Increasing understanding of a complex, multi-partner highways project.
Atkins Network Rail IP Southern Signalling Project East Kent Re-signalling phase 2 - BIM Design and ‘real life’ train footage enables better collaboration between design and implementation
M1 Motorway Junction 18 Road Construction Work Improving inductions on the M1, junctions 16-19 - The first highways project, successfully delivered and changing how safety is viewed
M1 Motorway A5 link road construction with Costain and Carillion new road M1 – A5 Link - Enhancing the safety and understand of a complex highways project

Product Options

Mission Explorer - When visiting sites is difficult, costly or dangerous
Mission Surveyor - Powerful mobile app that allows you to capture your site for import into Mission Explorer
Mission Presenter - When feeling like you are there makes the difference
Mission Room Ricoh Theta 360 camera for Walk Out App Panoramic Stills Cameras - Easy site capture with a range of panoramic still cameras
Panoramic Video Camera - capture 360 degree video in super high definition
Media Production Thumb Media Production Service - Our talented media team will work closley with you to script, manage and deliver the perfect production.
Display Systems
Hybrid Display System design with Road Content Hybrid Display - The Theatre display system offers an wide-screen cinema experience for larger audiences. Ideal for training and Induction.
4 Screen Open Display System Open Display - Super wide screen flat screen displays perfect for larger teams
Mission Room Arena design with Rail Content Waterloo Station Arena Display - 3 meter immersive media room for small teams
Mission Room Desktop design Desktop Display - The Desktop Display is built for an individual user or small team of people and is perfect as an content creation platform.