When visiting sites is difficult, costly or dangerous

Mission Room is an ideal enhancement to your survey operations. It allows you to quickly capture real world site imagery in full 360 degree, high definition and to bring this back into the office.
Our range of capture methods and services provide the basis for a simple but powerful visual site recording system. Understanding your site better means mistakes are reduced, leading to safer and more efficient operations.


Operation planning surveys
Capture your site to enable operational planning teams to identify hazards and assess risks. Plan out site access for workers and equipment and identify logistical problems before they occur.

Tender surveys
Reduce the need to send multiple tender teams out onto site by bringing the site into the office. Improved knowledge of the site and the ability to instantly revisit locations leads to better, more competitive, tenders and reduces contingency costs.

Ecology surveys
Capture a host of visual information that impacts on site ecology. Use this to help pinpoint the need for further site visits into only those areas that need them and reduce wasted visits.

Dilapidation Surveys
Disputes relating to the state of the site at handover are reduced with a full 360 degree, date-stamped visual survey of the site. Reduce litigation costs by clearly identifying responsibility.


  • Reducing unnecessary staff exposure to real site hazards
  • Identify ongoing survey risks in advance of site visits
  • Reduced logistical costs through fewer site visits
  • Fewer downstream mistakes
  • Navigate large and complex sites quickly.
  • Focus ongoing surveys into key areas
  • Improved understanding of your site
  • See things you didn’t see when on the real site

Case Studies

Carillion Cross Rail Track Planning Paddington Station Carillion Crossrail Track Planning - The Carillion Crossrail team on OOCPA needed easier access to their track.
Tarmac A14 Road Construction Project Ensuring the safety of workers on the A14 improvement scheme - A major highways project to benefit from Mission Room technology
North West Electrification Project Mission Room old Open System North West Electrification Programme Asset Planning - Unlimited virtual track access for asset information
Trans Pennine Electrification Project with Network Rail in York Trans-Pennine Electrification (TPE) - Providing better site understanding of an extensive and hazardous major project site.
Network Rail and Balfour Beatty Rail site induction and track access training in North London Finsbury Park to Alexandra Palace (F2A) - Real benefits in reducing hazardous track access and improved planning and briefings for the workforce.
East Coast Main Line (ECML) – Power Supply Upgrade Project (PSU) - Reducing the need for track access on a major rail infrastructure project.
East Coast Main Line Network Rail East Kent Re-Signalling Phase 2 - BIM Design and ‘real life’ train footage enables better collaboration between design and implementation.
Sheffield Tram line Sheffield Supertram Inductions & Briefings - Using immersive site briefings and inductions to deliver an engaged, safer workforce.

Product Options

Mission Explorer - When visiting sites is difficult, costly or dangerous
Mission Surveyor - Powerful mobile app that allows you to capture your site for import into Mission Explorer
Mission Cam for Rail Filming Square Route Filming - 360° route capture service including vehicle, rail, backpack and drone mounted cameras.
Mission Room Ricoh Theta 360 camera for Walk Out App Panoramic Stills Cameras - Easy site capture with a range of panoramic still cameras
Display Systems
Hybrid Display System design with Road Content Hybrid Display - The Theatre display system offers an wide-screen cinema experience for larger audiences. Ideal for training and Induction.
4 Screen Open Display System Open Display - Super wide screen flat screen displays perfect for larger teams
Mission Room Desktop design Desktop Display - The Desktop Display is built for an individual user or small team of people and is perfect as an content creation platform.
Mission Room Portable System design Portable Display - See more of your immersive content in a portable compact package.