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The Mission Room team specialise in building custom display and software solutions that address your needs.
Our ability to innovate and integrate anything immersive is what sets us apart.

Mission Room supply and install our unique, interactive and immersive displays which are ideal collaboration tools that allow project teams to understand issues, gain insights and develop solutions quicker.

We create 360° content, including immersive video, virtual tours and simulations. Our content is now available online as well.

For the last decade Mission Room has been developing immersive solutions for industry and education. Our clients have seen the benefits of Mission Room 360° technology as a way of explaining the world to their people.

✓ Immersive Displays
✓ 360° Content
✓ Online Delivery
✓ Custom Built

Where visualisation and collaboration meet


Mission Room offers custom-built immersive, touchscreen displays
to get the most out of your content. Our designs can be rescaled
and modified to fit your space, your audience and your applications.

Services We Offer

Our media team specialises in capturing any custom 360° media that you need.

Collaborating closely with you, we script and produce immersive content that delivers the perfect solution and message.

Additionally, we provide guidance on optimizing third-party content and show you how to create your own. 

Our benefits

Our technology enables your team to collaborate and review data in real time, improving efficiency in the process.

Our immersive content will revolutionize the way your team learns. From exploring a realistic train carriage to going on an interactive virtual tour of any scenario - whatever you need to educate and inspire new starters or review complex operations, we have it all! Discover how our innovative solutions can benefit your organisation.

Use Cases

Mission Room has been a turning point in helping organisations revolutionise and digitalise their business operations. 
Whether you need to gather your team to discuss ideas effortlessly or preview a project design - Mission Room is your ideal choice.
Tell us your problem and we will provide you with the solution! 

Group of people looking at a Cine system
Network Rail worker visualising a scenario on a Cine system
Group of workers discussing a project training
A man visualising project data on a Cine system
People reviewing a design project in a Cube system
Group of workers training in a Cube system
Students watching a 360 tour during uni open day
People on a meeting discussing a project on a Cine system
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