Mission Room's multi-screen and custom built displays offer immersive visuals and cutting-edge technology, making them ideal for mission-critical operations and creating engaging user experiences.


A construction site at night video in a Cube system
Two people in a Cube system

Our most immersive system is the CUBE touchscreen display.

CUBE is a bespoke, four-sided projection room, offering a full look-around 360° immersive experience. Footage is projected on to all four internal walls. Additional we also produce a three-walled version, or a four-walled version with a concertina-style fourth wall.

Stand inside your project, digital rehearsal or training content and walk through a variety of complex scenarios. Ideal for small groups.


A man using a Cine system
Two people visualising project data on a Cine system

Our most collaborative system is the CINE touchscreen display system.

CINE offers the most flexible combination of throughput and semi-immersion. A theatre style display for audiences of up to 40 people, CINE is ideal for inductions, training and digital engineering.

The system enables you to turn any meeting area in to an immersive theatre experience.


A man using the touchscreen feature in a Cube system
Dr Jozef Dobos uses 3D Repo on a touchscreen Cine system

Our touchscreens use a fully integrated system of specialist cameras, infra-red pen and control software to facilitate touch interaction across multiple screens. It's complete control without all the messy fingerprints of a traditional touchscreen system.

The use of a pen reduces the need for individuals to physically touch the screen, a real problem for some touch-based interaction systems.

Our launcher software enables applications to be moved from screen to screen with ease. Select an application, choose the screen and hit go! Load up pre-set groups of applications with the click of a pen.