Our specialist immersive displays are custom built, multi-screen systems with interactive touchscreen options.

We design each system to match your requirements and custom build using the latest components. We then install and train your staff (although they are really easy to use) to get you operational in hours.

All our products enable you to gain greater depth of understanding about a site, project or situation. Undergo digital rehearsals and walk-throughs of complex models and bids or deliver powerful and unique experiences through immersive and engaging 360° media.

We sell, lease or rent systems and offer extended support packs to give you long term peace of mind.


A risk spotting video in a Cube system
A Cube system at Network Rail headquarters in Milton Keynes

Our most immersive system and our original display product that has evolved over the last decade.

A bespoke, four-sided projection room, offering a full look-around 360° immersive experience. Footage is projected on to all four internal walls. Touch screen options are available and a three wall version can also be produced.

Stand inside your project, digital rehearsal or training content and walk through a variety of complex scenarios. Ideal for small groups.


A Cine system illustration
Workers watch a hazard video on a Cine system

Our most popular current model, Cine offers the most flexible combination of throughput and semi-immersion.

A theatre style display for audiences of upto 40 people with touch screen options available. Ideal for inductions, training and digital engineering.

The system enables you to turn any meeting area in to an immersive theatre experience.


An open system illustration
A group plan an operation using an Open system and Mission Explorer software

This bespoke three or four screen system uses LED displays and can be configured to fit any space.

Ideal for operational meetings and design review, the system works in any lighting conditions. Individual screen sizes typically range 55" to 70".

Audience numbers can vary depending on the individual unit size. The Open system allows you to deliver immersive presentations and ensure greater understanding through heightened visualisation.


A man using the touchscreen feature in a Cube system
Dr Jozef Dobos uses 3D Repo on a touchscreen Cine system

Our projection-based Cube and Cine displays can be provided with our innovative touchscreen solution. It can be used with a huge range of existing software to make Mission Room even more engaging and interactive.

Touchscreen involves a fully integrated system of specialist cameras, infra-red pen and control software to facilitate touch interaction across multiple screens. 

The use of a pen reduces the need for individuals to physically touch the screen, a real problem for some touch-based interaction systems.