The Mission Room team specialise in building custom solutions that address your needs. Our ability to innovate and integrate anything immersive is what sets us apart.

Mission Room supply and install our unique, interactive, large-scale, immersive displays which are ideal collaboration tools that allow project teams to understand issues, gain insights and produce solutions quicker.

We create 360° content, including immersive video, virtual tours and simulations. Our content is now available online as well.

For the last decade Mission Room has been developing immersive solutions for industry and education. Our clients have seen the benefits of Mission Room 360° technology as a way of explaining the world to their people.

✓  Immersive Displays

✓  360° Content

✓ Online Delivery

✓ Custom Built

Mission Room Benefits

Reduce costly mistakes

Improve operations by using our immersive 360° visualisation systems to view detailed footage of sites and processes. Improve the preparation of your site staff.

Work safer

Improved planning and inductions both impact positively on the safety of your workforce.

Facilitate collaboration

Mission Room systems allow detailed cross functional reviews of design data and operational status. Work as a proper team.

Improve training and inductions

Our 360° displays enable heightened visualisation which improves learning and training effectiveness. The ideal bridge between classroom and workplace.

Win more bids

Our immersive 360° displays enable you to virtually walk through projects giving your bid team deeper understanding of the complexities, risks and solutions.

Make faster decisions

The ability to digitally rehearse projects, spot problems faster and identify solutions quicker increases project efficiency.


Over the last decade there have been many uses for Mission Room. Any situation where you have limited time to understand spatial relationships and data or need to clearly communicate complex messages.

A group plan a rail operation using a Cine system and Mission Explorer software
A group perform a risk assessment using a Cube system
A Mission Room Cube system at a Network Rail safety pop-up in Birmingham's Grand Central Station
A group stand inside a Cube system looking at a BIM highways design in 3D Repo
Two rail workers use XVR on a Cine system
A group watch a video tour of Birmingham in a Cube system
A man watches a 360º video of a train depot in a Cube system


We have a dedicated media team who specialise in capturing 360° media for use across various outputs. This is processed to create custom experiences that solve your problems. We work closely with you to script, manage and deliver the content and message you require.
Alternatively we can explain how to get the most out of specific 3rd Party content or even show you how to produce your own.

Site Capture

Route Capture

Virtual Tours

360° Video


3rd Party Integration


Mission Room offers a unique range of custom-built immersive displays to get the most out of your content. Our 3 core designs can be rescaled and modified to fit your space, your audience and your applications. Add in our interface options like touchscreen and voice control to create the perfect immersive experience.

A Cube system drawing


Our most immersive system with nominal 3m wide walls as the standard size.

A Cine system drawing


Ideal for larger groups and specialist induction or training rooms and low light situations

An Open system drawing


Ideal for meeting rooms and high ambient light situations. 3 or 4 screens from 55" to 70" sizes


With the increasing growth in remote-working, Mission Room now provides a range of online options. From our unique ViewTheRail solution which lets people instantly and safely visit track locations, to our custom Unity simulations, we can craft a solution for your needs.

Our online offers couple closely with our immersive displays to create a unique combination of benefits for clients.

✓ ViewTheRail

✓ Virtual Tours

✓ Augmentation

✓ Training Simulations


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