Unleash the power of immersion with Mission Room's expert media team,
specializing in 360° filming, editing and delivery.

Mission Room have a dedicated media team who specialise in 360° filming and immersive editing. Using a wide range of methods to capture images and video, our team will work with you to script the content you need. We then run it through a variety of processes to turn the raw content into effective solutions. We also offers a unique set of delivery mechanisms, from large immersive displays to online or via headsets.

We have lots of examples of quality 360° content and many years of experience in producing it cost-effectively.

Image of a woman holding a phone showing Huddersfield train station, with the actual station in the background

My Station View

Explore the station at your convenience before heading out for your journey, navigating from the entrance to your desired platform.
Discover key points of interest and facilities along the route, ensuring a smooth and informed travel experience.

A man using a software application on a Mission Room

3rd Party Integration

3rd Party content usually runs out-of-the-box.
 Discover hidden synergy by seamlessly integrating and linking applications together, especially with our multi-screen displays. 
Use the power of running multiple apps in parallel for enhanced productivity and efficiency.

Technician processing 360° marketing video on multiple computer screens

360° Video

Our team of media experts work with you to create the story and end product that allows you to deliver your message, be it for marketing, safety, training or induction. Footage can be edited and animated with music, interviews or graphics and integrated with a variety of software in order to ensure that you have the powerful end result you need.

Augmented reality showing CGI characters on a real train platform

Unity Simulation

The power of Unity as an immersive scenario platform offers huge potential for training. We specialise in augmenting real locations with custom simulation content. This creates recognisable environments with realistic behaviours and interactions at a sensible price point.

Camera on tripod filming a construction site at night

Induction, Training and H&S Filming

We film projects across a diverse number of industries and sites, working closely with the client to script and capture dynamic footage they need, empowering them to take their training to the next level. 

3 people sat overlooking the harbour in Bristol

Marketing Videos

We work with clients to create immersive  360° footage of a range of products, venues and destinations. This enables them to virtually display engaging and interactive content which increases the impact on their audience.

People boarding a train at Nottingham train station

Route and Station Filming

With our versatile 360° capture methods, including high-speed train and backpack-mounted cameras, our rail filming service offers unique access to immersive views of the railway. Filming at up to 120mph allows rapid capture of entire routes and selective processing keeps costs manageable. Over 4,000 miles of UK railway have already been filmed.

Men walking along a map filming rail access points

Site Walkthroughs

Experience site walkouts like never before.
Using back-pack or monopod based capture devices, we can walk routes and film a variety of infrastructure content, all geo-referenced for easy navigation.Access and review this immersive site footage conveniently from any location, in the office or while on-the-go.