Discover the diverse use cases of a Mission Room. From complex infrastructure projects to interactive training environments, Mission Room revolutionizes how you work, learn, and innovate.

AEC Control Rooms 

Our solution provides the perfect way for your teams to spot problems quicker and make better and faster decisions.

Take a look at the video to see how Mace Dragodos have been using our Cine system as a control room on the HS2 project at Euston Station.

Better Prepared Staff


Efficiently communicate vital information during inductions, particularly in time-sensitive scenarios like large or remote infrastructure projects with ever-changing hazards.
Mission Room Cine offers an ideal display system, showcasing immersive and easily updatable 360° imagery, maps, and videos.
Trusted by Highways England for Smart Motorway projects, Mission Room has a proven track record in successful implementation across rail, highway, and utility projects.

Closing the Classroom-Workplace Gap


Experience cutting-edge training solutions with Mission Room. Our versatile delivery kit empowers training teams with the ability to integrate standard PowerPoint presentations, enhanced content, and XVR scenarios. 
Mission Room supplied Cine rental systems to Network Rail for their TIL training courses, with repeat installations in the North West, Midlands, and East of England. Network Rail chose us for the ability to run XVR emergency simulation software and our flexibility to fit their training regimes. 

Reduce Mistakes On Site 


Achieve efficient and safe operations with Mission Room.
Our systems allow staff to arrive on-site well-prepared, understanding risks and processes beforehand.
From BIM systems to immersive 360° images and complex process displays, we equip your workforce for success.
Our systems have been used to prepare the workforce for operational situations, such as Network Rail's route filming, or Balfour Beatty's M4 and HS2 projects' digital rehearsal.

Clear Communication of Complex Issues


Mission Room is the ultimate tool for design teams, revolutionizing the way projects are handled and reviewed. Our flexible platform seamlessly integrates with various design software packages, empowering you to bring your projects to life. With a visually immersive interface and interactive touchscreen capabilities, collaborative working becomes effortless
Our close partnerships with 3D Repo and involvement in the IUK project to supply systems for complex projects demonstrate our design potential.

Rail worker visualising a scenario on a Cine system

Experience Hazards With No Risk


 Safety culture is at the core of our values.
Mission Room enables users to identify hazards, risk factors and experience real scenarios through immersive 360° simulations, without exposing them to risk. 
Network Rail's regular recognition of Mission Room in the Safety category of their Partnership Awards acknowledges our technology's safety benefits.

Cube system at University of Birmingham open day

Communicate Your Message


Modern marketing requires innovative solutions.
Mission Room provides immersive displays for rental at events and content development services that produces 360° content, aligned with the client's messaging.
From student recruitment at universities to major contractor events, we have a proven track record of transforming marketing campaigns into memorable experiences.

A team analysing a site on a Cine system

Take Collaboration to the Next Level


Mission Room offers an innovative solution for team meetings, revolutionizing collaboration and remote working. Our advanced technology transforms traditional spaces
into interactive rooms, empowering teams to interact effortlessly.
Whether in-person or remote, Mission Room enhances the meeting experience, boosting effective communication and  productivity.