AEC Control Rooms

A drop-in hardware solution with real-time data insights

Together with our partners eviFile and 3D Repo, Mission Room provides a custom solution that gives you deeper insights into your site operations and problems. With over 30 years combined experience of supplying solutions to the AEC sector, this unique team provides a truly innovative and integrated solution

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3D and 4D BIM integration and visualisation capabilities.

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Real-time site data collection, data warehousing and Power BI report generation.

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Quick install, large-scale, interactive, immersive displays.

AEC Control Room drawing

The integration of our technology, together with interfacing to other existing project reporting software, provides the perfect way for your site teams to spot problems quicker and therefore,  make better and faster decisions.

Tackling data silo issues

Standardising data to turbo charge your project reporting

Real-time insights

Utilising Power BI to deliver data for better decision making

Tailored reporting for you

Self-service options for your in-house data teams

AEC Control Room at Mace HQ

Tested on real sites with real data and real complexity

Mission Room were involved in the transforming construction Innovate UK project alongside project partners 3DRepo, eviFile, UCL & Imperial, headed up by Mace. This project was the proving ground for AEC Control Rooms, installing 3 demonstrator systems on construction and rail sites together with an installation at Mace HQ.

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