In response to growing demand for access to our immersive content from remote workers, Mission Room is now actively promoting our online services.

A unique feature of Mission Room is the ability to produce complementary content that runs both online and in our large immersive displays, giving our clients the best of both worlds.

Our core concepts of 360° content, realistic interactive scenarios and customisation apply equally to our online offer.

* The following examples all work on the basis of click-hold-drag to look around the world. 

* Also please be aware that some of these examples will not run on specific combinations of hardware/browser. We can offer specialist builds to deal with these situations so please contact us to discuss such situations.

A screenshot from View The Rail



Running from our sister site '', we can provide online access to large parts of our geo-referenced and ELR-mapped 360° rail route content. Reduce the need for site travel and identify key issues from the safety of your desktop.

Free trial available.

Augmented reality showing CGI characters on a real train platform

Train Dispatch Simulation


We use a unique combination of 360° panoramic images augmented with detailed 3D models to create engaging and cost effective learning, training and assement solutions. This demo shows a simplified scenario where you take on the role of a train dispatcher.

NOTE: This demo is not designed for phone or tablet use. We can produce dedicated IOS or Android apps to cater for these devices if required.

Screen shot from a 360º virtual tour of Nottingham Train Station

Virtual Tour


Simple 360° panoramic images linked together to create an engaging virtual tour. There isn't a cheaper or more accessible way of remotely viewing your site. Link to geo-referenced data and view a navigable map of your site. We can use this same base media to create our more fully featured solutions.

Overlay showing extra visual information overlayed over a 360º tour video.

Contextual Information


360° images provide a great way of understanding the layout of a site but often need augmenting with other information to tell the whole story. This demo shows simple interactive hotspots added to the virtual tour to enhance the experience.

(Find and click on the ! symbols to get more information)

A screen shot from a 360º of a train in Nottingham station

360° Video 


We have many years of experience of capturing and producing 360° video content. This can be delivered using our immersive display systems, VR headsets or online as shown here.

No better way to feel like you are actually there.